The Most Valuable Lesson

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 19 August 2021, doctrine.

When we’re parents, face challenge immense,
We must all of life’s lessons condense,
But the biggest of all,
To prevent their downfall,
The first doctrine must be common sense.

You know how we all need to take out things like liability insurance these days, in case someone gets injured on our property?

I heard about a place recently. where if someone falls down a hole, rather than a law built around them suing whoever dug the hole, the law asks them: why on earth did you step into a hole?

That just seemed a refreshing perspective, that’s all.

I’ve had similar happen to me. Someone hit my car. Minor damage to the wing, but they broke the headlight. Straight away, the insurance company rendered the car undriveable. Why? Lest someone cut themselves on the broken glass. So they were happier to provide me with a hire car, which ran into the thousands, rather than to have me drive my car. Which would be reflected in everybody’s premiums next year, yada, yada.

And it made me think, if someone cut themselves, wouldn’t it be good to ask why they felt the need to touch the broken lens in the first place? They might have a good reason, but I doubt it.

And did you notice how well I avoided the elephant in the room?

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


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