On the music blog I co-host, Songshine Sounds, we challenged people to name the first single they ever bought.

Despite being ever so slightly embarrassed to admit it, my first single, aged ten, was this:

The folly of youth? I was ten, remember!

In later years, I was told that the guy (Father Abraham) was Dutch, so he probably spent his life stoned off his head. Consequently, singing tunes with a bunch of blue garden gnomes was probably nothing new to him!


  1. Lol not at your song choice at 10, but the guy being stoned. I was 13 when I bought my first record mind you with my allowance. Since my parents bought me the record player.

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    • I bought them very irregularly then. I remember asking parents for albums for christmas, and that was mostly it. But I got this one and another on summer vacation. The other one was the theme to the 1978 world cup, which dates them precisely.
      I got Abba’s last couple of albums that way, but mostly I took albums out of the lending library rather than spending my cash on them.

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    • I saw her once at the Royal Academy? on Piccadilly. She was with Michael Hutchens. I used to part-kid my daughter how much I fancied her in later years – I still break into a sweat! I think we are the same age but, really, I know very little about her.

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        • Yup, I bought a “greatest hits” album of hers for daughter and most were recognisable.
          I remember how tiny Kylie was/is. And I remember feeling slightly sorry for her. It was a Sunday afternoon and they had obviously come to see the exhibition, as we had. She was recognised and rather than just enjoying the exhibition, she started to get this steady trickle of young girls approaching her and asking for her autograph. It was funny in hindsight because I suppose he was famous in his own right and nobody paid him the slightest attention.
          I mean, I guess she learned to cope but she would have been about 20 then and it just struck me that because of her fame, there was this long list of things that she couldm’t do. Not, do them and enjoy them to the same extent that, say, I did.

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    • When my daughter was about that age, she went mad for Alvin and the Chipmonks, same sort of rubbish. So I suspect it is an age thing. I never heard af Sean Cassidy but I’ll look him up now. I bought a few albums by Big Mountain, who I guess are local to you. Spanish is such a beautiful language when put to music.

      Incidentally, would you mind if I wrote some flash based on your art? I haven’t looked yet so I’m not sure what, but I love your work in general so I feel I’m bound to find something to inspire me.


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