The Dirtiest Word

I read a post the other day. I’m paraphrasing but it was basically, “politics is a dirty word”.

I can kinda agree, if we’re talking about Party Politics. I can see that we might agree with a party on a certain issue, how we might agree with them on several issues, enough maybe to cast our vote in their favour.

But how somebody goes from that point to saying “everything they say is right” is beyond me. Yet such people exist.

I don’t think politicians help their own case. However noble a politician’s beliefs might be, very few of them will put those beliefs ahead of self-interest. Probably the most transparent of them are standing on a platform where they actually promote self-interest.

I see politics as something wider. Politics is simply looking at a situation, and judging whether it is right or wrong. You see somebody homeless on the street. Do you say:

  1. It’s disgusting. The single biggest measure of a “civilisation” is how that civilisation treats its weakest; or,
  2. there are winners and losers. And this person just happens to be a loser. There need to be losers in order for there to also be winners.

Politics is simply taking a view. We should all have a view, I think. Not to have one, isn’t that just wasting whatever brainpower we’ve been blessed with?


  1. I have been disappointed in politics for a long time. In the UK all the parties merge into one these days, and I didn’t want to vote for any of them in the last election. It is a shame when women fought to get the vote, but they all say what you want to hear.

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