Showing Your Age

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #106, where we write about this photo from the Google Home Photo Frame.

“You all right to finish off this last stake?”, uttered Ken.

“Sure thing, old timer. You feelin’ the pace?”, replied Cody, but Ken was already heading back to their pick-up.

Cody deftly finished the barbed-wire fence, then walked back to the truck. Effortlessly tossing his sledgehammer into the back, Cody watched Ken, standing by the open door, staring into space. He stood behind Ken. What was the old guy looking at?

“What ya viewing?”, asked Cody. All he could see was a vista, the mountains in the background and some buffalo grazing about a half-mile away.

“Don’t you ever think?”, replied Ken. “This place has been like this for tens of thousands of years, and two guys come along, all of a sudden one day, and in the space of a few hours, we change it forever.”

Cody pondered. Five seconds later came his philosophical response. “Meh. People gotta have their ‘lectricity. Puts food in our mouths, remember”.

Another five seconds, and Cody was back in the real world. “Come on”, he slapped Ken on the shoulder, “we got another two of these fences to build today”. Ken slowly turned and, showing his age, slowly settled into the passenger seat.

As Cody started to drive off, his foot suddenly hit the brake.

“Almost forgot the sign”, he explained.

He jumped out of the pickup, and lifted his hammer, plus a pre-made wooden sign, out of the back. A minute later, he was back. “All done”, he murmured triumphantly, as he started the engine.

As they drove off the site, Ken looked back dolefully at a sign reading “newly acquired by Edison Corporation”.


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