The Reason for COVID

Our health agency provides quite granular data about confirmed COVID infections. The number they like to use is the number of cases in the last week.

When we had our first lockdown from March to roughly September, the highest that number got was to 9. That’s in an area roughly our village and the closest 2 or 3, about 8,000 people. Most of the time, the numbers were so low, they held them back.

They publish these numbers daily, a few days in arrears. Yesterday, the number of cases between 23rd – 29th December was 32 – that’s about a 3½-fold increase on a value that was the maximum for six months. And I fully expect that number to go even higher when they publish the next batch later today.

Now, I’m not a big user of Facebook, but yesterday evening I went on and published these numbers. I wanted to cause some introspection – am I mixing with people I don’t need to be?, am I going places I don’t need to go?

There was the usual proportion of dumb responses – that’s why I steer clear of Facebook these days.

Scattered in amongst the dumb ones were some really heart-breaking ones – I lost my partner of 26 years to this back in November, so people need to take it seriously. Or, my fit-and-healthy daughter had it, and is still recovering

Of all the responses, one in particular stood out:

Who made you the boss?

That’s why.


  1. Sigh…whomever wrote that last line is obviously someone who doesn’t abide by rules. Just for numbers sake we had 1297 new cases in our county alone this past Friday…one day! We were seeing those numbers daily. I can’t understand those folks who ignore rules. This bug kills people – they must have a death wish.

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  2. As the world probably knows southern California numbers are off the charts. Most people here are abiding by the masking rules, but still going out and about. There are no hospital beds. People are dying in ambulances after spending hours in the hospital parking lot because there are no beds. Wake up people. Stay home and stay safe.

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  3. While I still have an account, I haven’t posted anything on Facebook for at least a year and a half. I also don’t have a Twitter account. I just can’t deal with the assholes who make such ignorant and uninformed comments.

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  4. It’s perhaps more mystifying to me that the dumb-asses in the crowd (Mr or Ms “Who Made You The Boss? for example) aren’t struck down more frequently than some innocent rule abiding person. Maybe they are. But I bet they don’t believe it…

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