One of the things I like these days about the inter-connected world is that it is so easy to reminisce about places I know and love.

I spent a very enjoyable lunchtime listening to a few internet radio channels. Two stations I used to love were Chérie FM (France) and Tipp FM (Ireland).

Chérie is a slick operation. It’s a national station with local outlets. We got into listening to it when we first used to go over to France, mainly because we liked the music.

Tipp is a lot more local. Just bog-standard music, but the reason I like it is when they mention all the local places that I know – I shut my eyes, and I’m there. Clonmell, Thurles, Nenagh…

Incidentally, Nenagh is very near to where Shane MacGowan hails from. He once sang with Kirsty MacColl, who died twenty years ago today. Enjoy.


  1. Shane has really deteriated, he’s not well at all now. I saw him on our late late show on Friday night, and his speech was so bad, you could barely understand what he was saying, I’m not sure what happened to him. I love the fairytale of new York though!

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