inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 4 December 2020, voracious.

Went looking for some chocolate,
A treat for after tea,
But although I searched both high and low,
The cupboards were empty.

I thought then of some ice cream,
We’d bought a tub to share,
But when I looked in freezer,
The ice cream shelf was bare.

I had in mind a biscuit,
Jam tart or custard cream,
But biscuit barrel empty,
Its contents wiped quite clean.

Maybe some potato chips,
Might round the supper off?
But looking in the cupboard,
They, too, had all been scoffed.

I try to find a yoghurt,
Not great, but it will do,
But when I open up the fridge,
This shelf is empty, too.

Getting pretty anxious now,
I look in the fruit bowl.
Yippee! I see an apple,
Alas, it’s full of mould.

I search the nooks and crannies,
I search our secret pot,
But there’s really no use looking,
My missus scoffed the lot!


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