Crossed Wires

My friend sent me this:

An operator at an Emergency Call Centre has been fired, much to the annoyance of colleagues, who are reportedly unhappy at the dismissal.

A caller dialled 999 from a mobile phone, stating: “I am depressed and lying here on a railway track. I’m waiting for a train to come so I can finally meet my maker.”

Apparently, “Remain calm and stay on the line” was not considered to be the appropriate response.


      • Thank you… It is. It is actually my husband and my son’s impending deportation (I can talk about it now because it’s been resolved)… My husband was one of those whose jobs were affected during the pandemic early this year and you know here, you can only stay when you’re employed and women cannot sponsor dependents unless they’re physicians or business owners. He cannot come back on a different visa because his job category is Saudized already. So, I had to exhaust all our resources to be able to make them stay because I cannot imagine being away from my son at this point. I didn’t realize how hard and expensive it would be given that they’ve applied hard levies on visa and residency + losing half the family’s income for a year and yeah, the bills do not stop either. So it’s practically a whole bunch of problems stressing me out BUT thankfully, it’s been resolved with flying colors!

        You know, had you been the one who answered the emergency call — it would be a totally different story 😀 😀 😀

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        • There’s lots of dissatisfaction here about how migrants – and the generations beneath migrants – have been treated and public opinion seems squarely against our government, far as I can tell. They seized on a general “too crowded” feeling and used all sorts of underhand tactics to try and remove people, some of whom have been here fifty years.

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