for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 20 November 2020, paradox.

Achilles and the tortoise decide to have a race,
Achilles gives a headstart, so confident of pace,
They line up at their start-points, official fires his gun,
Achilles thinking surely that race would soon be won.

Achilles shoots out of the blocks, he makes a flying start,
If he can keep this pace up, tortoise will soon be caught,
He saw the tortoise start-line, he urged himself “come on”,
But when he reached the start-line, the tortoise had moved on.

He saw the tortoise up there, a little way ahead,
“Not too far”, thought Achilles, “I’ll leave this guy for dead”,
He raced behind the tortoise, as graceful as a swan.
But when he reached the tortoise, the tortoise had moved on.

He wasn’t far ahead now, they were not far apart,
Achilles sees the tortoise, and runs with all his heart,
Achilles staggers forward, this feels like marathon,
But when he reached the tortoise, the tortoise had moved on.

Achilles now exhausted, collapsed in a heap,
It only goes to show how much Achilles’ talk was cheap,
And the moral of the story, I’ll end this nice and neat,
Don’t race against a tortoise, he’ll surely have you beat!

Xeno’s Paradox. If anybody has any time today, I found a fascinating article about other famous paradoxes here. It’s about a ten-minute read.


      • I remember being sent to detention in high school when the English teacher called on me and asked me what I thought the poet was saying. I responded, “How the fuck would I know what the poet was saying? It’s incomprehensible.”

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        • It can be quite useful in terms of thinking of the words to use. I want to say X, Y and Z in 1 line etc, or “I need a word which means X, but which scans 3 syllables”. So I suppose we’re more deliberate when we pick words. Some, anyhow. Others, I’m afraid, do just look like they’ve typed some carriage returns in pretty much random places. Let’s see what I can come up with today.

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