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In the UK, there is already the concept of a minimum wage. It is there, in law, expressed as an hourly rate.

This minimum wage is something which has already been accepted as “the smallest amount that somebody can live on”. That’s why it is called “minimum”. The concept of a minimum wage is a done deal, it’s been in law for twenty years.

Why, then, do our furlough schemes pay people only a fraction of that?

Surely, if the minimum is the minimum, then it should be the minimum?

written for Weekly Prompts Weekly Challenge of 24 October 2020, Suggestion Box.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

18 thoughts on “Suggestion Box”

  1. “Furlough” sir, is unemployment? If so, I can suggest one justification. If unemployment were to pay more than, or the same as, “minimum” there would be no incentive for unemployed people to go back to work when able and the market was in hire mode. That was evident in the U.S. during the pandemic. A waiter or farm laborer would be daft to go to work for $600/week when unemployment insurance paid $601. In practice, some would, and it is understandable, elect to stay home watching “The Real Husbands of Harpsburg Harbor” on television at $500 than go back to work stocking shelves in the grocery at $600. Goodness, one would be expected to shower, dress, and exert oneself stocking shelves. I’m not willing to launch into a tirade, but family generations and large communities are known where this is true, unemployment and entitlements preferred over labor for sustenance. It’s a tacky problem. Were you and I to abandon WordPress, devote our attentions to conjuring a solid and accepted solution, we could ourselves live quite handsomely on our share of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Certainly for a while. Then, I suppose, accustomed to a life of ease, we could ourselves apply for unemployment benefits.

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    1. Furlough was most definitely not unemployment.
      It has been issued by the government to employed people, where the government has forced theie employer to suspend operations because of the pandemic. And, when the pandemic is over, you withdraw the scheme.

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      1. Unh, okay, but Imma suggest that’s still unemployment – fault, blame, right, wrong aside. And my comment stateside is no less true. Know folk needing to hire, for example, truck drivers and warehousemen (both jobs paying MORE than unemployment) who cannot get folks to apply because prospects can get subsidized “unemployment” and choose to do so rather than go to work.

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          1. Wonder what Joey would say about that. Wonder if Joey will get a shot at it? Wonder What Kammy thinks about that? Be careful what you read into my politics from this. You’d be mistaken. Probably.


  2. Well, it seems so obvious doesn’t it being written in ink and all. yet, dare I say this is not the first time the written word has been skimmed past. Perhaps it is too much trouble for our paid law keepers to be forcibly imposed. They are busy are they not? Doing all kinds of sneaky think to get their backers agendas met. Hmmm i sound jaded…..I guess that’s because I am.
    Hmmm, did I answer the question??

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  3. I think here in the US, minimum wage is up to the vendor, no matter what any figure is put out by the government. Congress seems to forget that as our representatives, they have a livable income with guaranteed security and perks while their constituents have no such terms.


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