Updated: October 2020

Shortly after moving my blog to WordPress, I wrote a very brief biography here . When I started the blog in 2017, I wrote a more lengthy summary. View post from 2017.


I have written about how my stroke affected me, and my reasons for blogging.


Over the years I have written posts which included a photo and a short video of me.


I have several US readers, I once lived and worked in the USA, and I wrote about this here.


I have written several posts on my background, including my formative years and my high school experience, my early enjoyment of politics and my time spent at university.


My career has mainly been in IT, with a few years spent living the dream as a bicycle mechanic.

Work has always been important to me, and I posted about some of the things I used to do to here.

In 2013, I had a career break and qualified as a became a bicycle mechanic.

Folloeing the stroke, it was not so practical to be a mechanic and I returned to IT. I have posted about these exploits many times, including here. Since this post, I have pressed on with more IT projects.

As you might detect from my career break, another important pre-stroke hobby was cycling. Though I don’t cycle any more, certain aspects have been useful as part of my recovery.