Costa del Crime

A photo of a gangsterish-looking man

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 20 October 2020, finagle. Another uncommon word here, I hope I got the interpretation right.

“What a lovely place”, I say,
The old man shows me round
“With such a perfect dwelling place,
You surely must be proud.”

How could he afford all this?
I wonder silently,
I think he must have won the pools,
Perhaps, the lottery.

He beckons me to breakfast,
Beside the indoor pool,
I cannot help but gasp in awe,
Gawking like a fool.

“What was it you used to do?
How did you spend your day?”
He said he was “a fixer”
Made problems go away.

A hint of menace in his voice,
Thought best not to inquire,
The type of problems that he solved,
Before he had retired.

With croissants and fresh coffee,
I sat uncomfortably,
“Okay, let’s get this business done”,
He says commandingly.

The paperwork completed,
Our business had been brief,
I came out from the villa,
I’m shaking like a leaf.

Safely at my office,
I Google this old man,
Shootings? Gangland? Murder?
Relieved I cut and ran.

I was imagining here a lawyer or an accountant or something, maybe an office junior, having been sent out to visit some client who he’d never met before, maybe to collect some signatures on something, and it gradually dawning on him that this client might not be all he seems…

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

5 thoughts on “Costa del Crime”

  1. You’re really not familiar with the word finagle? Hmm, maybe it’s an Americanism that means to obtain something, possibly by dubious or devious means. “The concert was sold out, but he managed to finagle a ticket.”

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  2. I could leave almost exactly the same comment as yesterday! I couldn’t manage a post yesterday – the other daily prompt I follow was not inspiring me either – but I’ll give it a try today 🙂
    Another excellent job by you, my bloggy friend 🙂

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