At last my daughter’s cat has gone,
She came today and took her home,
To get her home, we had a box,
As the time approached, we would outfox.

Too late, as daughter’s car arrived,
The cat got wise and dashed outside!
She willfully resisted fusses,
Hid in the garden, under bushes.

We were fortunate, was raining hard,
When amply soaked, she dropped her guard,
As she ran inside, we closed the door,
Lest she would escape once more.

Some treats and calling did the trick,
We used some carrots, not a stick.
My daughter, acting like gazelle,
Captured her in prison cell.

I have to say, I shed a tear,
As each day passed, became more dear,
I’m rather sad to see her leave,
But for me, there can be no reprieve.

Our other cats are glad she’s gone,
With no love lost, their house their own.
But the stress cannot have been too deep,
They’re both curled up, and sound asleep.

Our daughter’s cat was staying with us while my daughter had some work done on her bedsit. Daughter came round just a couple of hours ago to take her back, and while the two cats who already live here are pretty relieved, I am rather sad.


    • It was touch and go, but quite difficult to pretend we are out at the moment!
      This cat started off hissing at us, but she was here for 4 weeks and would let us fuss her by the end. Even then, we had to be careful – she could change her mind and, and her claws were sharp!

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