Did you hear that?

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 2 October 2020, amplify. A bit dystopian today, sorry about that.

It starts as a whisper, a distant rumble,
A sound unassuming, refreshingly humble,
No inkling at all of what it has planned,
You might even not notice, it’s not all that grand.

It’s increasing a bit, but still just a hum,
In terms of a loaf, I would call it a crumb,
The keener among us might prick up our ears,
With sensitive hearing, the noise is quite clear.

The sound, it is louder, increasing with speed,
The people around me are starting to heed,
Questions arise that just say what we feel:
“What is that noise?” and “Hey, what’s the deal?”

Uncomfortable now, we’re all in a state,
Harsh and annoying, beginning to grate,
Oh, what an earth could be causing this sound?
We’re looking perplexed as all talking is drowned.

We cannot ignorew it, we all look around,
There is no escape, we are standing spellbound,
Is this the latest in modern warfare?
As the increasing din becomes too much to bear.

The noise is so loud that the room starts to shake,
Glasses are shattered and coffee cups break,
People are screaming and out of control,
And rushing for exits, to find some foxhole.

With chaos around me, I’m trying to flee,
The air becomes toxic with flying debris,
People thrashing around as if caught in a riot,
I feel something strike me, at last it is quiet.


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