Close Call

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), ensconced.

Cheerily catching up with my blog,
Almost done, with no backlog.
Through my posts I lazily stumble,
I hear my neighbour’s bin go runble.

It’s not my fault, I was ensconced,
But action must be my response,
I’d clean forgotten that today’s the day,
They come and take our bin away!

I jolt alert. I pull away,
Because today is Garbage Day!
In a trice I’m up and on my feet,
I must get the bin onto the street!

You never saw me move so fast,
As the seconds, they go ticking past.
It’s a quarter to, I have some time,
And so begins the pantomime.

Today it is recycling waste,
As I reach the driveway in my haste,
In my dressing gown I come alive,
And wheel the bin along the drive.

As I finish up I start to wane,
But at least the bin is in the lane.
When at last the task is now complete,
I see the cart come up the street.


We’ve all been there.


    • Yeah, we’re told that they can arrive at any time after 7am. In practice, it is always after 8am and today was about 9am. There is some license in the rhyme. Normally we get them out the night before but today I only remembered when I heard the neighbour. We have another pickup Thursday so can’t forget tomorrow.

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