Three’s a Crowd

Just one last short post, to finish off a little thread I’ve been writing.

Lewis accepted the coffee and was sitting in the lounge while all manner of coffee-brewing noises came from the kitchen. “Yes, please”, came a voice, as the lounge door opened once again. “oh, I didn’t realise we had company“, joked Anna, resplendent in her jeggings. She introduced herself, as he explained that he was the new neighbour, and Asha had just invited him in for coffee. “Hmmm…I can see why”, thought Anna, as she quickly checked him out. “Do me a favour and make one for me”, she popped her head around to Asha. Realising that three was one person too many, as soon as she had her drink, Anna left them to it. Taking a sip, Lewis, Lew, showed his appreciation.

– Mmmmm, this coffee tastes really good. You didn’t make it from scratch, did you?

– You’re joking, aren’t you? No, we have a Nespresso machine back there. I just pop a capsule in. Besides, pushing a button is about as technical as I get.

– Well, it’s delicious, so thanks. Well worth the detour.

A switch flicked on in Asha’s brain.

– Actually, I should have asked, do you want a chocolate biscuit to go with that? We’re not big on chocolate biscuits but there might be some Penguins left.

Lew assured her he was fine. Had to watch his figure, he said. From what Asha had seen so far, she could quite happily watch his figure too!

Taking his last sip of coffee, Lew steered the conversation to Giros once again.

– So, do you guys go there often, then?

– Only really for takeout.

– Why’s that?

– Just because it’s so close. If we’re gonna sit down, might as well do it here at a tenth the price. Anna – that girl you just met – she’s veggie, but I like them now and again.

– So, do you *ever* eat in there, then?

– Not really, I told you… Why?

Lew went paused, as though hunting for the right words.

– Well I was just wondering if you might fancy going there with me on Saturday night?

I had to end it on a happy note. Well, except it’s not really ended, has it? I wonder if she’ll accept, for starters? I wonder if he’ll go beyond the first date? Most of all, I wonder if that kebab will be any good?

Maybe I’ll pick this thread up again sometime!

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