Morning Ritual

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 2 September, 2020, drain.

I woke up this morning to a chill in the air,
I found my gown, so had something to wear,
The sun was shining, just as before,
But my toes felt the cold as they touched the floor.

The days I noticed are shorter, too
Still dark as I get up and make my first brew
Of course, I am faced with a hungry cat,
impatiently waiting for me on the mat.

“You must wait your turn”, I say to her
As I go to the toilet, her wrath I incur,
Then I’m into the kitchen, opening sachet,
The cat food starts tumbling out of the packet.

My next major task is to switch on my brain,
Throw yesterday’s remnants of tea down the drain,
The kettle is humming, the water is heating,
The cat by now is hungrily eating.

Ten minutes later, her breakfast is finished,
Her appetite sated, her hunger diminished,
She joins me expectantly on the settee,
Demanding a fuss as I’m supping my tea.


    • It was going to be about a chill that has taken over in the early morning, until the cat nabbed me as I got up! So far, it’s just the extremes of the day – I am quite happily sitting here in a tee. I often have no idea where they will go, just look for a bunch of couplets.

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    • We have two at the moment, they are both a decent age and steer clear of traffic. But they are about our fourth generation of cats. When one dies, we vow “never again” and then a year later, we end up with more cats. I kinda think now that (a) there are cats need rescuing, (b) we like cats, so we will always have them around.
      We live in a village (perfect for a cat) but ironically cars speed down the lane outside at 100mph.

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  1. I’m no cat lady but we have one 🙂 Got her for the kids a few years back. She’s a good kitty-cat really, lets the three of them (Our Girl in particular) pick her up and carry her around the house. During remote learning, she’s been a good companion for them. As for me, I leave her alone, and she leaves me alone – it’s a win-win 🙂

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