Fandango’s One Word Challenge (29 August 2020)

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), speech.

My lords, and ladies and gentlemen,
I clear my throat, and then say “ahem”,
I would like to tell you ’bout why I’m so late,
I’m sorry, I got myself into a state.

It wasn’t my fault, I hope you don’t mind,
One thing, then another, they all intertwined,
But I’m over the worst – I hope so at least
I hope all my pent-up frustration released.

But now that I’m here, please don’t be complaining,
I shall do my best to be entertaining,
Shan’t keep you too long, and you should raise a smile,
Delivering lines with panahe and with style.

I can see you’re all getting restless now,
So I will quickly bid you “ciao”
But let me just end by proposing a toast,
To Fandango, our congenial host.

Bit of a funny morning this morning. Got up at my normal time and fired up my laptop, but everything seemed to take longer, and I’m listening to the disk thrashing about. So, as well as having trouble listening to posts, I’ve been opening and closing things to see if it makes any difference. Bearing in mind that I like to listen to posts, it was very difficult to hear anything with any fluidity just because it would all keep stopping and starting. For example, there are two posts which go live at 8AM my time, this morning I never got through my pile of overnight posts to read them until 10AM.

I finally ran some diagnostics tools (which was a feat in itself) which seemed to give a hint that some anti-virus program was taking up far more time than it should, and I was reminded that, a couple of days ago, I just upgraded the 2020 version of this program to the 2021 version. I finally managed to de-install the offending program (which took *lots* of patience!), restarted the computer, and hopefully, it is all running a bit more smoothly now.

The thing I hate most about Windows is that your computer starts running like a dog, and it is just so difficult to discover exactly what the culprit is.

So it seems WordPress are not the only people to dick people around.


  1. Whoa! You shouldn’t swear online. “M******ft”! Shane on you. Tongue-in-cheek, sir, tongue-in-cheek. I would be interested in knowing just how we will hold MSFT accountable? I mean when your Ford runs poorly, you MIGHT get some satisfaction and redress from the local dealer. But MSFT? So far, WP and I are not angry with one another. Now, your FOWC was slick. I cannot wait to catch up (but I will) so I can slice a bit of time of to contribute to contests such as FOWC. Good words, good work.

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    • I think the first guy I ever met on here was Fandango, and through his posts I met loads of people who write really good stuff. I only started doing FOWC at the start of lockdown – I made a thing about how we should post regularly just so people still knew we were okay, and FOWC seemed a good opportunity. Now that lockdown is over (here) I’m trying to get involved in fewer prompts but I still really enjoy FOWC.
      I worked with Msft my whole life – I think the trouble is not with them, but their system is so open that people can write badly-behaved programs. You’re often forced to ditch a perfectly good PC because you happened to install something which messes up everything else.

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  2. rugby843, >> MisterBump For example, Msft has/had an issue where they “optimized” SSD on every boot, eventually leading to decreased SSD MTBF. Yes, msft is not entirely to blame and non-MSFT software vendors are huge contributors to issues, but it’s MSFT’s house and they (usually) make entering with dirty shoes difficult. Yet, I cannot count the number of times OS “upgrades” have futched my systems and introduced “improvements” which were anything but. Marketing is predatory, too. Still wondering if I have time left enough to abandon windows for a different opsys. I’ve a choice: ride it out and have some time to do what I want or spend most of my time swapping to another opsys. Good to hear you guys weigh-in. Thanks. Interesting.

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  3. You are certainly becoming quite the accomplished poet, sir! Sorry about you Microsoft Windows issue, but at least you figured out the culprit and took care of it. I have a laptop with Windows 10, and, so far, I haven’t had any major issues. But I use my iPhone for most of my internet/online activities, including WordPress, so I don’t really use my laptop that much anymore.

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    • Thanks, it’s much better today, now that I got rid of the offending software. My wife is exactly the same as you – she hardly ever fires her laptop up, but when she does, she gets frustrated because the first thing it wants to do is download all the updates she missed. The one thing the laptop has is a USB port, so she can use gadgets from there.

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