Took The Plunge (Fandango’s Friday Flashback)

Yay, it is Friday again, and Fandango has just published his Friday Flashback post. The idea is that he picks a post from this day in a previous year, to give newer readers a better insight into what does and doesn’t make him tick.

I have always liked that idea, so shall also post my own reminiscence. As much as anything, it reminds me of where I was, where I am now, and how far I have come. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining along the way.

Oh, and thank you to Jennifer at Paperkutzs for allowing me to use her image.

I moved my blog from Blogger a year ago. I just had the renewal through a week ago, and from this post it looks like I actually moved all the posts a year ago today. I seem to remewmber I had some sorting out to do initially, but it was a good move.

In the post I mull over all the technical issues – I scratched ny head for a while – but in the end there is an obvious reason for choosing – the community. That we’re all already logged in just makes it so easy to interact with each other’s blogs. That makes it a no-brainer (for me at least).

Took the plunge

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching my blog from Blogger to “WordPress”. I put that term within quotes, because the first thing I had to learn was exactly what WordPress is! As it turns out, that’s not such a daft question. The core WordPress is a content management system. That is a familiar…


    • It’s so easy, not so much that we can read, but that we can like and comment, without worrying about logging in, just because we are logged in already. I know somebody who just moved to Blogger in protest at the editor change (although someone else said that Blogger was in the process of doing the exact same thing) and, although I have a Google account somewhere, I have no idea what the friend has been posting unless I go looking for their address.


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