“Mum says she’s doing very well”, said Anna, “I mean, I don’t know how much money she’s making yet but they’re all talking her up like she’s the next big thing.” Anna was chatting to Paul about her sister, Zara, who had just published her first children’s book.

– How’d she even get a book out there? Those two always seem to struggle just to survive, so how come she managed to publish a book?

– Well I expect mum and dad helped them. And she’s keeping it in the family – she talked Dan into illustrating it for her. Looks pretty professional, by all accounts. She *did* say she would send me a copy, dozy cow.

Dan was Zara’s husband. The two of them had met at Brighton University – he had just completed his course when they realised that Zara was pregnant. Little did he know that his Fine Art degree would qualify him well for his new career as a children’s illustrator!

Out of uni and eager to earn whatever he could, Dan was now managing a bar in Brighton. Things were very tight, especially with a pregnant girlfriend and a baby on the way. And when their second son had arrived, the world of art had had to take a back seat as Dan concentrated just on keeping the roof over their heads. Even then, some months they had needed to rely on Zara’s parents.

– Meh, by the sounds of things she’s got plenty to be keeping her busy.

– Yeah, right, I’m only her big sister, after all. She soon remembers me when she wants a babysitter.

– Oh, stop whining. She’s a young mum with two toddlers to look after. Can you really blame her if she forgets things sometimes?

– Yeah, yeah, yeah

sighed Anna. “That reminds me…”, she uttered, as she double-checked she had taken today’s pill.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 28 August 2020, survive.

I wrote a back-story to these characters in these posts:


    • Do you know, that’s the bit where I was guessing. Just because I was struggling to remember. It seems weird now, doesn’t it? Popping a pill when there’s nothing wrong with us!


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