As eight o’clock strikes, my tummy is rumbling,
“I’m ready for breakfast”, I hear myself grumbling,
Into the kitchen for something to eat,
I open the fridge and turn white as a sheet!

That milk’s very smelly, I think it is sour
No porridge this morning, my eyes start to scour.
That bread’s very green, that looks like mould,
Have a sneaking suspicion, that loaf is too old.

Into the freezer to look for a treat,
But treats are all gone, I ate them last week.
My mind in a quandry, my head starts to spin,
The house is plain empty, nothing within.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 26 August, 2020, nothing.


    • These things are all really good fun, aren’t they, as long as you’re in the mood. I’m liking that I have four or five ways to answer this prompt now, I usually start with “I haven’t posted one of those for a while”.

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