When Paul’s son, Jake, first met Anna, his first thought was “wow”. This gorgeous woman, whom he would have more expected to see on a billboard, had some pizzazz. What on earth was she doing with his dad?

As most boys (men!) tend to be, Jake was tongue-tied in front of a pretty girl, so it was left to Anna to break the ice. “Have you seen this buffet, Jake? Looks like there’s some yummy food over there. Want to come check it out with me?”

Anna and Jake stepped over to the buffet, where she found some vegetable samosas. A couple would not hurt, she reasoned. As Anna and Jake put food onto their plates, Paul had followed them over. Anna left the buffet, just as Paul arrived at the buffet. She turned to return to her seat, bumping straight into Paul – and her samosas went flying onto the floor.

The ice was thawing!

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), pizzazz.

I’ve written a background to these characters, in the posts below.


    • I had this idea of developing some characters that I could re-use in these prompts, a kind-of ongoing story. But I like the prompt responses to be short, a minute or so, just because anybody reading them from Fandango’s post will have 15 or 20 responses to read.
      But even with “known” characters, it is difficult to say anything useful in just a minute! But I’m glad you liked it.


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