Tick Tock Tuesday Review (from 26 May 2020)

This week, as well as my own post. LindaKempWriter posted a song from the Eighties, by Bette Midler, which she stood up and sang solo at church. Ouch! The sort of thing we do willingly as children but as adults, wonder why. It’s funny because I remember a few Bette Midler songs from the time, but not this one. So thanks, Linda. And if you don’t already know her, I thoroughly enjoy reading Linda’s other material, short story fiction, so I’d recommend checking out some of her other posts, too, if you have a few minutes.

Oh and I’ve got news, especially since people have started joining in with this idea. This week I posted #33 of the series, and I have 41 of these posts planned. After that, I’m not sure. I always realised that there would be a time on this one when I ran dry.

It’s funny, because people sometimes ask (especially on prompt questions) what our favourite piece of music is, and I’m basically indredulous that somebody can choose just a single piece of music above all others. I certainly can’t. I’ve found 41 of them (well, they have mostly been songs). I’m not sure I could narrow it down much more. My Song Lyric Sunday posts, even then I went through my collection and picked out some favourite songs that might be good choices if the right prompt comes up – and came up with just shy of 400 tracks! A goodly stash of tunes for the next few Sunday mornings, but not even close to finding that single song which stands above all others.

If anybody has any suggestions what I should do after #41, I’m all ears. Even if it is to move to Outer Mongolia.


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