Fandango’s One Word Challenge (29 May 2020)

As I please I can travel around,
While the rest of the country’s locked down,
Needn’t follow the rules,
Only made for the fools,
I’m afraid I can smell something brown.

There is a story in the UK which will not die about our Prime Minister’s most senior advisor. While the rest of the country stayed home, he was making roundtrips of hundreds of miles to see family. This was uncovered by the press, and is now out in the open. The advisor has done a lot of squirming, defending himself by saying that technically he was not breaking the law (something which is disputed), and to date, our Prime Minister has staunchly stood by him. The advisor also happens to be one of the chief architects of the UK government’s flagship Brexit (alleged) policy. The story has had top billing here for about the last week.

My offering was inspired both by this story, and by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), resign, which, frankly, indicates the advisor’s correct course of action.

The Guardian is a very reputable UK newspaper, although was chosen at random to provide the link. This story has been reported by most sources in the UK.

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