My Recipe

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Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), fiction.

I try to keep my FOWC responses short, but today I saw the prompt and thought I might actually write a proper post. But don’t worry, I’ll try to keep this short, too.

I guess we all have comfort zones, even in the context of blogging. Subjects we like to blog about, subjects we like to avoid. I wonder, does anybody else think consciously about this?

When I used to read books, I had a straightforward preference for biographies, or at the very least nonfiction. I maybe put that down to being quite a serious person, but didn’t really think about it in any great depth. Even now, if I listen to a book, it’ll fall into those categories. My knowledge of the world’s great fiction authors, like Shakespeare or Dickens, is zero. In fact I did try reading Dickens once … and got about three pages into the book before I decided we were incompatible.

Maybe my reading tastes, however, mimic my writing tastes? For I mostly like to write nonfiction. Just everyday life. Beyond that, the subject matter could be anything, especially nowadays, but it will be nonfiction rather than fiction. Furthermore, this is a very deliberate choice, on my part.

I have written one piece of fiction in my life. Well, outside of school. I never really got bitten by the bug. Maybe one day I will? But right now, it doesn’t float my boat. It actually took a fair amount of up-front thinking, before I felt able to write a word. With nonfiction, the thoughts are already flying around my head, it is just a case of getting them out in an order that makes sense to other people.

I follow a few people who regularly write poetry. I have a very basic knowledge of poetry. I have no idea what a haiku is. (And before you tell me, I’m not much interested right now. Maybe one day …) I have written a few limericks, enough to know that they can be quite a challenge to write, even though they tend to be just nonsense fun to read. As for other poetry, I am very ignorant.

I guess other types of poems must follow that same pattern as limericks? A challenge to write? So I can appreciate the author’s penmanship in not only saying what they want to say, but in massaging/cajoling the language so that it fits into their chosen format. But maybe the final poem is that much more difficult to comprehend as a result? How many of us have read poetry and not fully understood its meaning? Or, at least, had to look at something three or four times, before we “got it”? Come on, I’m sure I can’t be the only one!

At the moment, at least, my writing priority is to be clear, unambiguous. That is prose, nonfiction prose.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

9 thoughts on “My Recipe”

  1. I guess we all write what comes the most naturally to us Pete. I get where you are coming from. Since the locjdown I have really enjoyed writing more prose, both fiction and non fiction. Sometimes what looks like a npfiction story is something that happened or that I saw heppen in my real life, but put into the form of a story. Maybe with a few embellishments though. I never was much of a fiction wruter, abd it has to be a really good book to grab my attention. I really wish I could find some of those at the moment. On my blog at the moment then, there are my usual poems, but also some different things nowadays. Have a goid day Pete x

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    1. I’m pushing myself to write pretty much once a day atm, which is crazy silly for me. I expect things will settle back after all this, but for the moment it lets people know that I am well enough, at least, to write a post. Did you try getting rid of your cross yet?


      1. To be honest at the moment we have been fully occupied with just keeping going, as my sister “disappeared” for two days. We couldn’t phone her and she didn’t phone us, or my brother, which is not usual. Shenis addicted to ringing up and texting as shenis kind of mentally challenged. Then, because we had been awake all night worrying ourselves stupid about her, bob, my husband, fell. This outs the fear of God up me because when he falls he iften ends up in hospital. We do not want THAT in this climate. So yesterday was a day of intense fear and worry. But I still posted in here just to try and keep my mind off things. No one knew anything of what we were going through. Now, we have had an email from Tescos about Delivery slots that has worried us stupid. So hubby is ringing them right now. Happy days eh? We will attend to the cross very soon though. Many many thanks to you Pete x

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        1. Age UK are telling volunteers to do exactly as you say – to warn people who might be unsteady anyway that now is not a good time to get up a step ladder and dust the ceiling! I suppose if you fall there’s not a lot you can do about it, but it is all about minimising risk.

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          1. Lol. Our stair lift only goes up to the top of twelve steps. Then you have to tyrn to the right and go up two more. It cost more money than we had, to have the sort of staur luft that went round the corner and up those last two steps, but the council put in a habd rail to help hubby up those last two steps. But he has no thigh musckes at all, and few in his legs, and when he gets tired he can fall. Which is what happened yesterday. Our house never gets ckeaned at all now since thenlicjdown as my sister used to do it. Now not allowed to come. So hubby just steriluses wirk syrfaces, sunks, etc. And that us all he can manage. A very worrying time for everyone x

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      2. I meant to say as well, please keep posting. I might not alwats comment, with being blind, but I do read them. Take care x

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  2. There is a lot of poetry that I don’t “get”. Even some from renowned poets. Yet there are some who manage to write many poems each and every day, and I love their work. A strange business this writing, but life would be so much poorer without it!

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  3. Perhaps the style of writing we choose is based on our mindset. Mine tends to be on the practical side and does not wax poetic. Even when I read I am more interested in the characters and plot than a three page poetic description of a room.

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