Double Whammy

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), publish.

Rather than write a post on this prompt, I wanted to reblog a post that I myself already published a short time ago, I guess just three months.

In it, I talk about how I am (kinda) a published author.

So, today we have two hits for the price of one!

Mister Bump

Yesterday I didn’t do much, so I had a bit of time/inclination to write. For many of the prepared posts I write (as opposed to responses), I like to just save them as Drafts, then put them live maybe the next day. This gives me overnight, at least, to think about any tweaks, and also means that the final proof reading will be performed with a fresh pair of eyes. So, the post got its final check this morning, and here goes.

From having read my posts, would any of you believe that I have been a published author since very early on in my working life? Okay, not really in that sense! Let me explain:

My very first job out of college was with the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority. It was basically civil service – you can imagine that in the early days, atomic energy was very closely linked…

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  1. That is such a good post! I read it again, with again much pleasure. It makes me dream with all the mishaps and things wobbling into space. It’s beautiful! And tipped of with a sombrero function, couldn’t be better!

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