Our Favourite Quotes

I hope you don’t mind me posting again today, but I read this post the other day from Wendi, on her blog Simply Chrinically Ill (I’m sorry, Wendi, I didn’t see a reblog button to reblog your post). It was a general ask for people to post their favourite quotations, which I thought was a lovely idea, especially at the moment.

So I would like to challenge all my readers to do the same. What inspires you?

If you read Wendi’s post, I would particularly recommend reading the comment section. I couldn’t help but notice how many of people’s inspirations were from the bible. It doesn’t do anything for me, other than make me wonder at how many people say they follow it, but don’t, but there is no denying that its words inspire a lot of people.

Located a long way down the list, my own favourite quote is far more secular, from the former UK politician Tony Benn (1925-2014). The media liked to paint him as ultra-left-wing, but these words were just common sense to me. I later learned that the description said more about our media than it did about Benn.

If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.

Other quotes that I find inspirational are by the likes of Haile Selassie and Malcolm X.

And it made me wonder, did anybody else have a favourite quote? If you do, post it either in a comment (here or Wendi’s original post, doesn’t much matter). or post and pingback to one of our posts.

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