Intellect in Isolation #1

A bit of trivia fun for you. Today, written for Fandango’e One-word Challenge (FOWC), suspense. If people like this idea, I’ll post some more.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are so called because from a distance, they have a bluish-coloured haze about them. Why is this?

Answers either on a postcard, in a comment, or if you really want you can email me. If you comment, you’d better be 100% sure that you’re right, because everybody else is going to see it!

I’ll post the answer, in a comment, at (or just after) 8am GMT tomorrow. I shall keep you in suspense until then.

You can look this answer up if you like, but I’ll be impressed if you don’t need to! And if anybody can figure out a better title, I’m all ears. Points awarded for inventive answers too πŸ™‚.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

25 thoughts on “Intellect in Isolation #1”

  1. I really have not one clue. But I liked the song and it made me smile. So I think it is called like that because it was a gathering for all people who had a broken (or blue?) hart. πŸ’™ All those harts came together and that gives the mountains a blue color.
    Now I’m curious about the right answer!

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      1. Oh I can wait till tomorrow πŸ™‚ I like the idea, it is a refreshing one and I hope I’ll know one of the questions eventually! As long as I can keep guessing and let my mind form some ‘weird’ answers, why not? For me it was fun!


        1. Bo youy get the programme Eggheads there? It might not translate very well to non-English language. Our most highbrow quiz shoe. This question was on there, so it is really a case of “pat yourself on the back” if you kget the answer right.

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          1. Never heard of ‘eggheads’ but on the other hand, without a tv, I’m really out of the loop with quizzes and things like that. But YouTube helped me out and I’m in the loop. Difficult questions but I’m still hopeful one day I’ll know the answer πŸ™‚

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            1. on, yes, of course, I forgot. It seems to be off-air now but I used to watch that, and one serious news programme. But sometimes it is nice just for some “pulp fiction”, something nice and inoffensive like Friends. Will you have to get used to a tv in your new home?

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                  1. People asks us (me) all the time! I blog, cook, do dishes, will go for a walk with the dog, we read, talk, have fun, sit outside when the weather is nice, play table tennis and sometimes watch a series on the internet πŸ˜‰

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                    1. Gosh, I cannot imagine cooking πŸ™‚ Actually although the tv is on of an evening, I do lots of other things too. Before I was ill I watched even less. Would you believe I also play a soccer manager game on the computer from time to time? Not every day, but probably every week.

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  2. The keyword here is the chemical isoprene.
    Trees. or specifically, leaves, emit isoprene. Trees with large leaves, like oaks, emit lots of isoprene.
    There are lots of trees (including oaks) in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
    Isoprene gives daylight a blue haze.
    There is lots of information on the web about this, one of them is

    This question was featured on the UK quiz show, Eggheads. Eggheads features some very difficult questions, so if you didn’t know it, don’t worry, neither do 99% of the rest of us!

    I’m quite pleased by the number of people who “liked” this post so I shall post another on Thursday. I’m kinda wondering if I’ve just taken on a regular commitment here? πŸ™‚

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          1. For this one, it was just a post ‘cos I thought people might be interested, just to try and give people a break from being depressed. If they weren’t interested, I wasn’t gonna bother posting. I’m trying to post something daily at the moment, just so people know I’m still here, but some of the posts coming out are pretty nothing.


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