KC's Prompt

Over at KC’s Place, KC has created a prompt, with some questions to be answered. What with this virus keeping me home, I have a bit of extra time, so I thought it might be fun to answer her questions. Whether I have time to do this every week, I don’t know yet, bvut let’s see how it goes. Her questions are as follows.

  • Do you believe in a ‘sixth sense’ – otherwise known as “intuition” or “gut instinct”, why or why not and, if ‘yes’, will you write about an experience?

I certainly believe in a gut instinct. After all, what is it? It is our instinct, based on all our life experience. So not only do I believe in it, I think it gets better as we get older.

  • Do you believe there is truly such a thing as “a self-made man/woman”? Give an example of why or why not.

What do we mean by self-made? Started off with nothing, worked hard, no doubt, and became rich under their own steam?

No, sorry, I don’t buy that because at some point, people will have helped them along their way. Whether that be somebody who starts off with a substantial sum of money (e.g. Donald Trump), or somebody who has many minions to make their wealth for them (e.g. Jeff Bezos), they’ve had/have help. They might have exceptional talent (maybe Trump was a bad example?) but they have not made it on their own.

  • Do you have a Bucket List, if not, why, and if so, what are some things on it?

Yes, I suppose so. I always planned to go back to NYC at some point, but I guess I’ll never get to the States again.

I’ve spent some wonderful times in Paris, a visit there again might be possible. Plus in recent years I have had wonderful holidays in the Netherlands – I really like the Dutch way of life. That would be a lovely visit, but since I don’t drive at the moment, getting out of Ansterdam might be tricky.

That goes for friends too – I’d love to see a couple of old friends, and would love to meet one or two new friends too. I’d love to see my auntie, snd cousin, again, but they live a long way away.

I don’t really have any grand designs, any hankering to go on luxury holidays, tour the world etc., but I’d love to see people and places I have loved again.

  • Do you believe in astrology; if so, how is this a part of your daily life?

No. Not an ounce. But, you know, if it helps you get you through the night, I will respect that. But not for me.


  1. Great answers P, love your response to ‘gut instinct’ — Sometimes we just know something or someone is wrong! We also often come across people and we know straight away that they’re going to become a friend. When I first met the girlfriend of one of the guys in our circle (complicated?), I said “That’s the kind of person I’ll still be friends with after 20 years” — it’s now some 34 years. I just had that ‘gut instinct’.

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  2. Great post and thanks for participating. I am most impressed with question 2…I hate the term ‘self-made’…no one accomplishes great wealth or a business completely independent of any help/assistance from many other people. I hope you are able to revisit places and friends/family when the time is right. Take care.

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    • It was nice to lighten the mood. In theory I could visit people and places (except for this virus). but the stroke has affected me such that a lot of travel, say, just seems like “faff”. For example, visiting London is just a 100-mile train journey, just one train, but I can’t really be bothered doing that.

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