What are my chances?

Okay, take a look at the lovely christmas treat above.

What a lovely looking treat. My wife’s surgery had them in the office the other day. Let’s take a look inside:

That’s it. Full of delicious-looking chocolates. What a festive treat! Those little chocolate squares are maybe a cat’s whisker shy of 2″ x 2″ x ¼” each.

Now, bear in mind that my wife works in a doctor’s surgery. Also bear in mind that my wife liked them so much, we went and bought some today. We tried one each when we got home. Very enjoyable. I love a tiny bit of Turkish Delight.

Then I looked at Asda’s web site (Asda is a UK supermarket).

Wow! 47kcal per chocolate. Given that I’m diabetic and have to ration myself, how long do you you reckon these bad boys will last? Done by next christmas? Maybe I’ll just keep ’em for when I have a hypo?

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

3 thoughts on “What are my chances?”

    1. Believe it or not, that pack just got finished last weekend. But at those values, my wife had it all, I just decided I couldn’t touch it. There aren’t many foods where I decide I just can’t touch it at all, but this was one of them.


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