Excitement (Fandango’s Friday Flashback)

Yay, it is Friday once again, which can only mean one thing – Fandango’s Friday Flashback. Fandango uses these posts to reblog one of his posts from this day in a previous year, just to let his current readers see what he was up to back then. I feel like I am on a path of recovery, so the idea is useful for me too because it indicates how I’m progressing along that path.

Actually, the post I have chosen today, it’s difficult to see any link to a path, except for….wtf was I thinking, allowing my daughter to come here for Christmas so early???? I’d never make that mistake today – this year, it’s two days and she’ll be long gone by Christmas! But I am going to stay consistent with Fandango’s theme – he’s talking today about his dog. I can’t really talk about dogs, but on cats, I can speak volumes!

In my re-post, my daughter had just got a new kitten, which in common with all new kittens was just the cutest of cute. She was so tiny, she had only just left her mother.

In the post itself, I talk about this tiny kitten stalking down our much-bigger chickens, and this is what I mean:

You gotta love her 🙂.

Mister Bump

My daughter has come to stay and has brought her new kitten. It’s funny – I can’t really remember any cat we owned being that small! But when we went to bed last night, we left her by the fire in the lounge, and she obviously wanted our company because she followed us through to the bedroom. Spent the night on the bed, for a part of it she was happily under the duvet snuggled into my tummy, and another part of it lying on my wife’s neck. Unfortunately, when she decided 5am was time to wake up, it was too much.

So far today she has destroyed my china chicken mug, and is now attacking my hand as I type! She’s eying up the chickens as if they’re prey, except they are, like, ten times her size! She’ll sleep like a baby later.

Hopefully this is the closest I…

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