The Other Guy

A while back I had an email conversation with a chap from some company.

This chap obviously added me to the company’s contact database. I received a couple of messages. Dear Guy. Some of you know my real name. For the record, it is not Guy.

I try to be polite, so I replied to their message, just to find out:

  • whether they were actually mailing Guy. In which case, please stop sending messages to me. Or,
  • whether they were actually mailing me. In which case, please get my name right in future.

I thought nothing more of it.

But the mails kept coming. To Guy. So that tells me that either:

  • the company don’t bother reading their correspondence. Or,
  • that the company can’t be bothered updating its system.

So what happens? The messages go straight to my Junk folder. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Now, there’s effective marketing!

Oh, and my image? I typed guy into Pixabay, and that’s what I got back.

To Guy, whoever he may be.

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