Dirty Pete

Clipart of an angry school mistress

Inspired by Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) of 12 May 2023, impediment.

My mum-in-law, clear from Day One,
Did not want me to be her new son,
At our vows, interjected,
Made it clear she objected,
So I pulled from its holster my gun.

Prompt image for the Fandango One Word Challenge prompt


        • Trust me, I know. We’ll have to compare notes some time and see who scares the other the most!! But you do get past those nightmares – mine is 24 this year, has a job she likes ans seems to be carving a niche in life. It’ll get easier I promise.

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          • I love hearing your daughter is doing better! That’s all I want for my girl too. I don’t care about college or being a high achiever, I just want her to get her mental health stable and for her to be able to care for herself.

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            • I tried to push mine and she resents it right now, in her mid 20s. But you do, don’t you? You push your kids to do better? Relations are strained at the moment but I hope as she gets older…

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              • It’s so tricky with mental health stuff. I’ve found myself in that spot with both my kids. My son, because of his head injuries, and my daughter because of her mental health diagnosis. It’s harder to know how hard to push, isn’t it?

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                • y, I know with mine I felt I had to push, and at least now she has a car, house, job, boyfriend etc. Otherwise I could easily have seen her becoming one of those people she now looks after. But now, she turns and says “you pushed me too hard.” Can’t win.

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                  • Parenting teens feels like walking a razor edge sometimes. I have hope for both my kids. We are close and they want to be successful (both have goals and plans). I’m trying to stay positive we will be even stronger on the other side of this.


                    • Absolutelely. And I think you can fall on one side or the other of that razor edge, depending on circumstances. /ny daughter still resents me but – I’ve had plenty of time to think about this – I would do pretty much the same again. I had to push her – that’s part of a parent’s job. I’m talking about giving her a hard time for not cleaning her room, for example.


            • Certainly after my stroke, I spent a lot of time thinking that I was alone in the world, and part of the healing process was to realise that there were people out there who’d lived through it too. Hopefully the post will enable parents to realise that some children can be more work than others.

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