Hi y’all,

Well, you know I got this new job, right?

That’s severely cut the amount of time I can spend on WP anyway. But there’s more.

For the last eighteen months or so, my computer has been making the most godawful noises. It’s an old computer, by computery standards, About seven years. I promised myself that with the new job, I’d get a new computer pronto, but I wasn’t quite there yet. I’ve only been working there about five weeks and have only been paid once, for a partial month.

Sunday night, I actually got warnings from the Dell software that runs on startup, the software that checks the hardware, that the fan needed immediate attention. Obviously with the age of the thing, it’s more useful just to get that new computer now than to give the old one any attention.

I’ve currently turned it on to back it up – I think I’m mostly on the cloud these days, so this is a “just in case” backup. But I’m probably not going to use it for much else (e.g. blogging). I’ll wait for the new one to arrive. Which I expect to be early May. Until then, I’m restricted to my phone. Fiddly.

Incidentally, if you’re into PCs, next time you need one, have a look at the Dell Outlet site. Presumably we all have them. Not the main site – rather than brand spanking new deals, the Outlet site contains pre-built machines. Technically they’re secondhand but they can be as little as cancelled orders. The only thing is with the outlet site, if you’re fussy about exactly what hardware you get, you’re restricted, but the machines are around half the price of the main site. Both me and my ex- used then for maybe the last fifteen years – Dell are a bit arseholey but the deals make up for it.


  1. I’ll check out the Dell Outlet. I’ve got 2016 Dell Inspiron that is on its last leg. I hardly use my laptop anymore but I don’t want to try to use it one day and have flake out on me.

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  2. Thank you for the info. I’ve had decent luck with Dells. I currently have an ASUS VivoBook. A few glitches, but reliable. They certainly aren’t built to last! 💵 Best of luck on your next one.

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