Little Things

My friend got us this fancy Dualit toaster way back for our wedding. Dualit has a reputation for making decent toasters, and in fairness, it has been going twenty-odd years.

A filament blew. Toast was only cooking on one side.

In theory, you can just pop a new filament in. No need for a new toaster, the thing is as good as new. Just as well, since these toasters retail at £150/$200. Why’s a toaster so expensive, you ask? A fair enough question. What can I say? It was a present.

So I bought a new filament over christmas. Expensive (relatively), but at about ¾ the price of a new toaster (just an ordinary one, bought from a High Street store), the cheaper option.

Tried to fit it today.

And the old filament is bolted in place. A bolt, a washer either side, and a nut.

Try undoing a bolt, one-handed. Not possible.

Had to buy a new toaster. Only cost me 1¾ times the cost of a new toaster, 1¾ times what you’d pay.

I fucking love being disabled. Everything costs extra.

Anyone need a filament for a toaster?


  1. I never know whether to “like” posts such as this.

    I certainly don’t like what you’re going through; that sucks. Sometimes it’s all one big shit show because it’s never just about the toaster, is it?

    Hugs, my friend. ❤️‍🩹

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  2. Terrible, I guess the only constellation is that you got so long out of the first one. The longest our toasters last is about 2 years, though we did buy one for $9 when we went around Australia and that one is still going as a backup

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  3. It’s always the little things. I’m hoping there’s someone who might offer to do the filament replacement for you, so mention it every time you meet someone with strong, flexible hands. It won’t be me, but I learned that if I mention something often enough, someone eventually gets the hint.

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