Independence Day

Jamaica gained independence from the UK on 6 August 1962. To my Jamaican friends, Happy Independence Day!

To be able to choose our own destinies, either as an individual or as a nation, seems to me one of the most fundamental human rights.


    • yup, plus of course India’s and Bangladesh’s. They have advertised a tv documentary here tonight, I think, which specifically covers Partition. I don’t bother with much tv but this I will make sure I record.

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        • That the whole thing was formed over just 90 days is indicative of something very badly planned. With total integration previously, you’d think the unravelling process would have to be slow and methodical, to happen over years. And would of course require amicability.
          The UK has made the same mistake over Brexit. You realise that when farmers’ food is left to rot because of suddenly-added bureaucracy, something has gone badly wrong. Brexit itself is not a bad concept, but the way it was implemented is shocking. But there are still lots of people who think everything can be done now.

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    • Dunno. Zim celebrates independence in April, Aus in October. I’d be surprised if it were more than a coincidence.
      Interestingly, NZ was not “granted” independence but rather its legislature took it. Good for them!

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