Last Resort

Prompt image for the Fandango's Flash Fiction prompt

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #176, based on the image below from ShutterStock.

“Izzy? Can you get the door?”

The front door stays permanently locked unless they have an appointment.

“Do we know who it is?” I’m wary.

“It’s Faye. Looks like she has a little girl with her.”

Faye. And Izzy. We bonded straight away. Soon as we found out I had the same name as her daughter. I must admit, I never thought she had this in her. All those months of counselling, but she’s always gone back for more.

I begin unlocking the first of three locks. The red Panic button to the side goes direct to the police.

“Got it.”

Fuck. Just two carrier bags. They must’ve got out in a hurry.

“Come in, Faye. Hello, Izzy. Do you remember me? It’s lovely to meet you again. I’m ever so glad that mummy’s brought you back round. Come on in, both of you.”

“I’ve finally done it, Izzy. I’ve left him. He started a row last night. Carried it on this morning. I couldn’t take any more. I had to get out. I just needed space from him. Can I stay here at the refuge for a few days?”

“As long as you need, Faye. Now, let’s put the kettle on and you can tell me what happened. Izzy, would you like some orange juice? I think I might even have seen some Jammie Dodgers in the cupboard. We’ve got this, Faye.”


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