Extreme Caution

This is my response to NopeNotPam’s Letter a Week prompt, where this week her featured letter is ‘F’, and NNP uses the words fridge, fear, faithful, falter and frog.

I’ll stick with those same words and also to the hundred-word constraint I’ve adopted in previous weeks.

Last time out, this hadn’t gone well.

So, hesitantly, with a frog in my arid throat, I nervously called, “Din-dins”. Even Killa, my rippling, 140 lbs Rottweiler, who had not eaten since Tuesday, was wary.

My pace slackened as I felt tiny beads of sweat forming on my dampening forehead, and seeking the support of another, I twisted round. There he was, although even Killa faltered, remaining three full paces behind me, but faithful as ever, at least he was covering my back.

As I finally reached my goal, I was overtaken by my fear.

Dare I open the fridge?

[100 words]


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