Youthful Exuberance

Photo ofan Aylesbury Duck

This is my first time responding to NopeNotPam’s wonderful Letter a Week prompt, where this week her featured letter is ‘D’, and we are challenged to write using the words Denver, delight, dramatic, dare and duck.

In addition, I thought it might be good fun to write this asa hundred-word flash. It is flash, honest! 🤣

In a dramatic fourth-quarter comeback, my team, the Denver Broncos, lifted their fifth Superbowl.

Watching live on tv, I was so delighted that when my friend dared me to streak naked through the village, I agreed.

Unfortunately, not everybody enjoys American Football, and my drunken jaunt was over when I spotted the red and blue flashing lights.

In my haste, I sought refuge in the pond on the village green but was soon discovered. Instructed by the humourless police officer to leave my sanctuary, I emerged from the pond with only a somewhat perplexed Aylesbury Duck to cover my embarrassment.

[100 words]


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