Life through the Lens (20 February 2022)

I’ve been sharing my own photos now for eighteen months so I thought the end of the year was a good time to call it a day.

If you wish, you can find the published photos by following the tag “LifeLens” on the main page of my site, or by hitting this link.

I thought I’d just round off the series by re-presenting a handful of my favourites.

image showing a silhouette of a camera

Wild garlic. Me, surrounded by thousands of these plants. I included this photo in my roundup mainly to remind myself of that delicious smell.


  1. I had forgotten that garlic is a plant. And with nothing better to do I went googling for garlic. Just where is the garlic clove? Oh …. in the ground.
    So your posting of favorites wasn’t all a waste of time. 😉

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  2. Tulbaghia violacea aka society garlic is a lovely plant, garlic smell, but none of the delicious food. I have them planted all over my yard. I wonder if the real thing grows here.


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