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For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #156, where we write about the photo below, by CookmePancakes @

A picture containing grass, outdoor, nature, smoke

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He was the studio’s golden boy.

They owed much of their success to Robbie Mac. They would never have had that Oscar if not for him. Nor the spin-off work secured since.

And without him, Christa herself would certainly not be working there. If it hadn’t been for his recognition, the firm would never have expanded so fast. No swanky new penthouse office overlooking the water. No need for Rob to even need a PA.

Yes, she owed this job to him.

It had been a good move for her, too. Christa was well-paid, well looked after, and the company’s name would be irresistible when she added it to her resume.

They’d hit it off right from the start, she and Rob. From before she realised who he was. And yes, Christa found him attractive. Kind, funny… Tall. 6’6 with the body of a quarterback… with those cute baby blond curls, he was definitely the type of guy she might have gone for, were he not a co-worker. And, she could have lived with the age difference, although his perfect wife and perfect family was a red flag to her.

Maybe she’d got it wrong?

Maybe she’d sent him the wrong signals?

Maybe that didn’t just happen?

Maybe she’d made a mistake?

Her head in turmoil, right now, Christa knew only one thing. Space. She needed space to think this through.

Glancing down at her elegant white blouse, she could still see the creases in the cotton, where his hand had grabbed her breast. Disgusted, she rose quickly from her desk and patted herself flat.

She turned to Rob’s other PA. “Can you watch the phones a minute, Mon? I need to run to the bathroom.” Receiving the slightest of nods from her indifferent colleague, Christa hurried out into the main corridor, walking briskly toward Reception.

“Any rooms?” she asked, curtly.

“Boardroom’s free until eleven”, came an equally brusque response.

She entered the darkened room, and with tears in her eyes, weighed up her options.


  1. It’s too bad that situations like this are all-too-common in the real world. It’s all about power and control. The feelings and, potentially the lives, of others be damned. Poignant post, Pete.

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