A Warm Welcome

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to my two latest followers WeightLossMania and International Classifieds.

These follow hot on the heels of other followers, Crypto Learning 101 and Live Score Keto Diet. By the way, KetoDiet, your avatar is hot. Really hot. Just about as hot as hot can be in sixteen square pixels! I got so excited I almost spilled my Horlicks!

I do hope you all enjoy what you encounter on the blog.

Who says these guys ain’t real?


  1. I too have seen an uptick lately in ‘followers’ whose names suggest that they have, er, shall we say, interests other than reading what I have to say on my blog. Of course I wish them well, but I suspect that the similar uptick I’ve seen of comments arriving in my spam folder could well be their alter egos.

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    • I must admit I get very few spammy comments, those I do ase mostly Akismet getting it wrong.
      I get lots of spammy feedback form submissions, though, which Akismet usually identifies correctly. I get so many that I just look at the sender. It it’s someone whose name I don’t recognise, it gets the boot.
      As for the number of followers, the first time someone registers with me, usually, is if they leave a comment. So most of my followers might be imaginary, for all I know. Likes are probably a more reliable measure that 20-30 people follow the blog. Even then, I’m not sure they read it, but we can never really know and ultimately, it’s not important.

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  2. Well, I only read the blogs I have been introduced to and with those I enjoy I stay with, those I don’t enjoy I leave. Very simple.
    Names used. Sometimes I wonder where we come up with them. Mine is very logical 🙂 After all the long gray scraggly hair and hairy wart on the nose, what else could I use? lol… P you keep this old “witches” mind hopping. thanks.
    My spam I delete a couple of times a day also, sometimes i wonder where those things come from. I know my garbage
    can enjoys plenty of meals.

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