Fancy Free

Clipart image of an old man with a cane

Grandpa regained more strength every day,
Soon was thinking ’bout going out to play,
With a friend, a Glaswegian,
He went down to the Legion,
While at home his poor wife felt betrayed

This limerick may not make much sense on its own, but is the latest in a series. The others may be found here.

The “legion” is the Royal British Legion, which is the main veterans’ charity in the UK. They are the people who organise all the Poppy Day commemorations. Their main visual presence is having many social clubs in the UK where veterans can meet up. And, mostly, get drunk! There’s a big tradition of social clubs in the UK, covering all sorts of niches.


  1. AS we say in the US he is playing tit for tat, or what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Our clubs are known
    as the American Legion.

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