Guilty Secrets

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For Fandango’s Story Starter #31, where we build something around the following phrase:

I didn’t think that what I did that night was that bad until…

I didn’t think that what I did that night was that bad until this slip of a girl, just eighteen herself and only five years older than my daughter, someone who was poor and doesn’t matter, decided to spill the beans about my raping her. I thought that, with my wealth and priviledge, I could just bat her away, but then the courts came after me…


  1. Your story is front-page news here all the time. Those of wealth and privilege think they own the world and
    no one can touch them and after a trial, frankly, they usually get off. Sad but true… money doesn’t talk it screams.


  2. came after me and I was wondering what would I tell my daughter, how would I explain everything, if there is even something to explain altogether. Should I surrender and accept I did this horrendous crime or should I use all my might and resources to make this girl, suffer even more. I think the choice is fairly simple, I will choose the latter one and go on with my life.

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