Life through the Lens (23 January 2022)

I’ve been sharing my own photos now for eighteen months so I thought the end of the year was a good time to call it a day.

If you wish, you can find the published photos by following the tag “LifeLens” on the main page of my site, or by hitting this link.

I thought I’d just round off the series by re-presenting a handful of my favourites.

image showing a silhouette of a camera

I just loved the Alpenglow here. Not visible as I took the shot, but picked up by the sensor. This is the summit of the Matterhorn, Monte Cervino, Mont Cervin, call it what you will, standing at 4,478m on the Swiss/Italian border. One of the most imposing images I ever saw.

Here’s a wider shot, taken with a different lens and different filters:

A photo of the Matterhorn mountain


  1. it is truly an amazing shot. I like the snowless one best for the marbled colors, however the longer shot with the
    snow is magnificent in its own right.

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    • Yep. It’s funny, though. I took photos of lots of mountains over there, and half of them, I couldn’t identify. I had to send off for Swiss OS maps, even then I wasn’t sure with some.

      At the time, we were just starting to get GPS units (I had one of those), but which also contained a compass to tell you what direction you were looking in (which I didn’t have).

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