Repost: Tasty Morsels

FBTF Prompt Image

I thought this limerick, slightly modified, might also fit this week’s Flashback Track Friday challenge, where we are asked to:

Write about an inventive murder.

A purveyor of canine cuisine,
My best friend got pushed into machine,
He was chopped up and ground,
Then deliciously browned,
And once cooked, turned the dog food bright green.

Any advance on being minced?

First published 10 December, 2020.


    • Apparently, if you want to murder someone, get a jaguar. It will not only eat the flesh, but will also grind up the bones. Absolutely no trace. Dunno if any other cats behave like that, but jaguar was the one I was told about.

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      • Cape Town Wild Dogs are nearly the same. They don’t eat the hair though, so murder a bald man only 😁


  1. I always thought I would use an icicle if I wanted to murder anyone, it melts away the evidence. But, just in case will keep the jaguar in mind. lol

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