I was reminded earlier of summer vacations I used to take as a child.

My parents stayed at a place called Llanrwst, in north Wales, for their honeymoon. Note that in Welsh, vowels used to cost extra.

We went back again each year for about the next fifteen years – I didn’t realise at the time what creatures of habit they were. But that period also covered my childhood, so every vacation, pretty much up to the age I stopped going away with them, was spent here, and it was a place I got to know intimately.

One of my memories, there was a castle-cum-stately-home about a mile outside of town. It might only have been half a mile, but my legs were shorter back then. Called Gwydir Castle. They used to open to the public and housed peacocks in the grounds (from their site, it looks like they still do). They also sold seed, to feed them.

It was quite different to Mrs Bump and I. We never went to the same place twice. I can see both sides. We saw a lot more of the world than my parents, but never quite as deep.

Anyway, been playing with software again.


  1. We didn’t go away every year, but if not had good days out when Dad had time off. If we did not go far afield it was partly due to lack of money, lack of relatives to stay with in Scotland, like my friends, but also because my brother and I always got car sick! When we flew out to Australia to emigrate when I was eleven that certainly out did all previous holidays and trips! Really it doesn’t matter as long as you have a holiday, unlike some children even today.

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  2. We tend to go different places. When we travelled around Australia we spent about 3 days at each site. That was more than enough time to see everything

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    • we had a few regions we liked, so we would stay around there, but we tended to move about within those regions. When we stayed in s of France it was also handy, because it’d take half a week to get there and half a week to get back, so we saw plenty of France on the way.

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  3. When we lived in Indonesia, we did a lot of travelling both around the islands of the archipelago and further abroad. But when we moved back here, holidays were like Dad’s nostalgia trails. “When I was your age, we went camping and we just had mats to lie on.” We went camping on a relative’s property to see Haley’s Comet and camped on the riverbed. We camped in the Snowy Mountains and tested the rapids on our Lilos. You think that kind of thing is going to be around forever. But these days you can only camp in camping areas and you have to book most seasons and share the piece of river with a zillion others. And you wouldn’t catch me sleeping on a straw mat on river stones anymore. 😀

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  4. We went to Conwy when the boys were young. Spent two days at the castle because the boys refused to leave. I told P the other day that I’d love to go back, explore the town – we’ve done the castle to death. 😂

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  5. Unfortunately my childhood there were no vacations. With 7 kids you could not afford that so we would go for
    picnics in and around Pittsburgh visit Kennywood which was a fun place with rides etc. It was not until I got my
    first divorce I started traveling on my own. I have been to many states and each state is so different but I think
    my favorite was Maine. I love New England and just the feel of the rocky seashore. I spent 2 weeks there and then the following year went to Virginia Beach for two weeks. There are many places to visit in this world and I want to
    hit some of them. I love new architecture and love the look and feel of castles and land that just seems to roll
    on and on. So if I ever can I will go to the Tuscany region of Italy, to UK, Ireland, and Scotland, and Wales to
    grab a bit of history.

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  6. When we lived in Germany we would take Sunday drives all over on the autobahn. My mum was German so she was in seventh heaven everywhere my dad picked
    Only when I was older and started traveling on my own did I realize how fortunate we were to see a lot Europe at a young age

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