Who Won the Week (26 December 2021)

Prompt image for the Fandango's Who Won The Week prompt

I base these posts on Fandango’s Who Won the Week posts, and I use the opportunity just to look at my own newsfeeds.

I generally like to talk about positives on my blog. Nobody really wants to hear me rant or whine about things, so anything bad, anything sad, anything that makes me mad, I try to keep it to myself.

For similar reasons of positivity, over on Songshine, I commemorate singers’ births, but not their deaths.

But I must admit that yesterday, I shed a little tear for George Michael, who we lost five years ago.

I was tempted to include a small piece of his music here but I think the link below better illustrates why I miss him.

A kind man. There is no finer quality.

Please, if you’re gonna make any resolution next weekend, make it to do something kind.


  1. I always liked George but isn’t it amazing when you run across people like him. You think why aren’t there more in the world like him, not because of the cash he gave ( he had it) but because of the giving that lived in his soul. Now
    that is a man.

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    • Yes. There might be people like that – a lot of this didn’t become public knowledge until after his death, so had he lived it might still be unknown. But what a superb knowledge – to know that you have enough, and to do good with the rest.

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