The Saturday Groan

My neighbour ate all her Christmas decorations.
Now she has tinselitis.

Making you groan… any day of the week!


        • I am frankly amazed that people respond so well to this shit, when it’s just copied from a book. I used to take pains to say as much, but now I don’t bother.

          You think you’ll ever write anything significant? Think again, when people like this rubbish. It kinda hits home when things like this generate three times as much attention as the serious piece of flash which just took three days to write!

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          • Ah man. I read posts, think on them, transport myself to other cultures, embrace other ideas, fears, hates, likes, and joys. Augh! I do want to write something meaningful. That’s why it’s so very special when someone out there likes, or chuckles, or “feels the pain.” I even like when they go critical. Snarky, no, but “critical” is good. That directs my energies, educates, and gives greater purpose. When you drop a nice, substantial piece, like the one I just read, I see your skills. Appreciate them, and sure, get a little green with envy. And I work harder, inspired. Don’t fool the Bumper. He’ll get even with you – you’ll find yourself stuck in a limerick and laugh your arse off. Press on, Bumper, press on!

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