All I Want For Christmas

When you temp me with presents this Christmas,
I respond that I’ve somewhat outgrown,
When you ask what I want ‘bove all other,
I’d appreciate time on my own.

more and more, as I get older.


  1. So many people are telling me this. In some ways Christmas (unless you have a religious relationship with it) is kind of weird in the same way that I find Valentines Day weird. “You must enjoy time with your family on this day.” “You must celebrate your love on this day”. “And not only you but everybody around you as well” It’s hard to ignore the commercial benefits of this. I think that’s why a lot of people… when it comes to Christmas… feel pressure rather than joy.

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    • It’s scary how conformist society has become. And the worst of it is, I heard someone crowing about how “free” she felt the other week. Freedom to fit in.

      So many of my (elderly) charity clients feel this way. The dread because they have real-life issues with their families, which don’t go away at christmas, as opposed to having the perfect unit we’re supposed to have. I suppose I fit into that description myself, although I always tended to be a loner.

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  2. Yep. But slowed-down for my age, and loved ones too, it takes longer for every task, so I find here I spend more time “together-ing” and significantly less “alone-ing.” I’d never thought of that until your post.. Hmmmm. Man’s got a point. Enjoyed the read.

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  3. I think it’s time to reflect end of the year about to start another year and yes it’s a commercial time and many give more than they probably could afford to but I hope it’s a time to come together

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  4. You should appreciate and spend time with loved ones every day, but unfortunately, sometimes it takes a holiday
    to fill people with goodwill to one another. Nothing wrong with enjoying time alone, nor sharing it on the holidays
    with each other. Whatever floats your boat.


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